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Meteorology Students and Electrical Engineering Professionals

Westlake Village, CA, USA or Virtual United States

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About the Role

Primary Responsibility:
Learn the “McLaine Theory of Weather Creation,” which states that all movement the size of an electron or larger is caused by the Force of Gravity or Electromagnetism.
Google: The four fundamental Forces of Nature
Newton Equations state that an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by a Force.
F=MA. Only A Force of Gravity or a force of Electromagnetism moves things.
Wind, Temperature, and Air pressure are not forces. They are only the results of the forces of gravity and/or electromagnetism.

All wind, cloud, and movement need to be understood in terms of these Fundamental Forces.

Learn these basic principles, review Videos linked on this website and discuss these things with your student friends and ask your professors to explain two photos.
1. The photo in the video shows that lightning looks the same as a dust devil.
They are both electric discharges between electrons with the sky discharging with positively charged dust, which looks like a spike going into a Tube with a hole on the end.

2. The photo freeze-frame of Tubes coming out the bottom of a hurricane that stretches 2000-3000 miles long. Ask your friend and Teacher to explain why they are there, what they do and what Force holds the tubes together. (You will know after watching the two videos posted on this website.) But let them try to explain them first.

3. Stop the videos at these points and use your cell phone camera to take pictures of the Lightning strikes and dust devil strikes and a photo of the 2,000-mile tubes coming out the bottom of Hurricanes. Show them to your classmates.

4. Be the pioneer that merges Electric and Magnetic Fields with Weather Science.
5. Only with this knowledge can Meteorologist control the weather.
6. Take a class on Electric charges and magnetic fields, which covers Faraday, Ampere, Gauss, and Maxwell’s equations.


  • Be registered in a college or University

  • Major in Meteorology

About the Company

We are a non-profit research organization powered by our founder’s funds and public donations. We plan to create several experiments to evaluate on dust devils; to measure the charges moving in the dust devils and to create videos to show how we can stop, move, and kill them with electric charges and magnetic fields. Once we complete those tasks, then it is just a matter of scale to scale up the equipment to be able to control Tornadoes. By year 3, we will be ready to attack Hurricanes at Sea and show we can Stop, Move and Kill Hurricanes.

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