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Research & Initiatives

The Research was started in 2019 by Ray and Carol McLaine, and it is ongoing. It is a summary of approximately 300 videos, 2500 photos, and hundreds of research papers that were reviewed. This data was taken from some of the new satellites that are circulating the Earth measuring everything from Magnetic Fields to real-time Global Winds Aloft, to Thermal Imaging of the Earth from Space.

Research Paper: Prevention of Tornado Formation


  1. Preface

  2. Tornadoes on land. What do they do?

  3. Research Summary

  4. Tornado Formation & Prevention of Tornado Formation

  5. Electric Universe’s Papers - Tornado Formation​​

  6. The McLaine Institute Theory of Tornado Formation

  7. The McLaine Institute Future Experiments

  8. What does Electric Discharge look like?

  9. Where do Clouds come from? How are they created?

  10. Let’s add “Draining the Clouds” to our ways of “Creating Electricity"!

  11. Clouds are Nature’s way of creating vast amounts of electricity

  12. There is a French and German collaboration in the process of harvesting electricity from lightning

  13. How Much Electricity Can Thunderstorms Produce?

  14. The Ultimate Goal of our Research

1. Preface

The Satellite that started our research is a Japanese satellite named Himawari.” Himawari is a geosynchronous satellite that transmits high-definition video during the day, and infrared images at night.

While watching a video from the Himawari satellite that showed a hurricane getting pulled on its side by a passing cloud, I started wondering, “What’s going on???”
My first thought was: “How can one cloud connect to a hurricane and pull it on its side? What Force could do that? How do you grab a cloud that is smoke-like? There is no way to attach to it!” 
After reviewing my basic physics, I remembered that we only have two general forces of nature: Gravity and Electromagnetism. So, it must be charged particles that are negative electrons in one cloud moving to connect with protons (positively charged particles) in the other cloud.
So that was an “AaHa” moment! Clouds are full of charged particles and they attract or repel each other depending upon the charge densities and their location in each cloud. Later, I found other numerous videos of clouds discharging with each other while pulling and pushing each other.

This is the Satellite image that started me down a long two-year quest to understand what causes our Weather and the Forces that move the clouds!

Earth image where the Hurricane has these long 2,000 to 3,000 mile tubes coming out of the bottom of the Hurricane

The Hurricane has these long 2,000 to 3,000 mile tubes coming out of the bottom of the Hurricane.

I didn’t know that hurricanes had these long tubes coming from the bottom.   After many hours of research, I could not find any meteorologists’ papers that talked about these 2000-3000-mile-long tubes.   I have checked with the National Weather Service, YouTube, and Google. So, apparently, nobody seems to know that hurricanes have these long 2,000-3,000-mile tubes coming to the bottom.  These tubes were on the bottom of the Ocean until the cloud pulled the hurricane on its side, which quickly pulled the tubes up to the surface where they could be seen.  In the longest tube, which has split open, you can see another smaller tube in the center, which is where the electrons were moving to the bottom.

Basically, all circulating storms are created by electric discharge

Top of Hurricane - See the grayish/brown colored positively charged dust coming out of the top where they immediately discharge and vanish when hit by electrons coming from the Sun.

Weather Video.gif

In our theory, the tubes in hurricanes are actually Tornadoes in the Ocean.  This is a part of nature’s mechanism that allows positive charged dust, from the bottom of the ocean, to discharge with negative electrons from the sky.

Basically, electrons from the sky come down the center of these tubes to discharge with dust at the end. Positive charged dust wraps around the negative charges and moves to the top of the clouds, where they discharge with electrons from the sky. Since moving charges create spinning magnetic fields, it is the magnetic fields that spin the hurricane, hold the tubes together, and prevent the positive and negative charges from discharging while they are in the tubes. I call this phenomenon "McLaine’s Coaxial Magnetic Tubes" because they create (what we know as) a “coaxial cable” in the air or water between positive and negative sources of charged particles.

The EUMETSAT is a European satellite that has many different sensors. A You-tube Video shows a year of the world’s weather in 20 minutes. Since this video speeds up the movement of the clouds, this makes it easy to see the movement and interactions of them. 

This shows multiple hurricanes being pulled on their sides by a passing cloud. Also, it shows how clouds are formed in the ocean as well as on Africa and South America.  As seen from space, clouds start as a white dot.  Hundreds of tubes come out of the ground. The tubes contain positively charged dust and Ionized water.  After a couple of hours, the tubes grow thousands of feet in height. Simultaneously, the clouds, as they open, expand and grow much larger.  Finally, the clouds leave the tubes and join together into one or two large clouds.  Also, it shows clouds moving east, near South America, suddenly stretch backwards west towards South America. They lengthen into a sharp point and pull multiple clouds coming out of the ground to meet them, connecting them together, and then, again move eastward with the new clouds.  This can only be explained by positive and negative charges attracted to each other. This is more proof that clouds are an electrical discharge in process.


Basically, all circulating storms are created by electric discharge.  

How Much Electricity Can Thunderstorms Produce?

2. Tornados on land. What do they do?

Lightning Strikes, Dust Devils, and Tornadoes are all the same phenomena.  The only difference is the voltage that drives them and the time they take to discharge, which is related to the number of charges available to be discharged.  Just think of a dust devil as a small tornado

logo mclaine institute big virsonAR-Rev-3-01 - Copy_edited.jpg

There are discharges on the ground and at the top of the clouds. When the electrons and positive charges are moving in the tubes, they are inhibited from discharging because of the two spinning magnetic fields which are holding them apart and stops them from discharging while they are moving in the tubes.  It is these spinning magnetic fields that are the Force that spins the air and creates the Tornado.  In reality, there can be multiple red tubes of positive charges moving to the top.


Dust Devils form when the voltage in the sky reaches approximately 5KV-20KV. This starts the electrons discharging with positively charged protons on the ground and/or dust, which is composed of Zn, Mg, Ca, and other positively charged elements on the ground.


Tornadoes are created when the charges in the sky reach approximately 100KV-10MV.  The higher voltage means there are more electrons in the clouds, so they will take longer to discharge. 


Lightning occurs when the voltage reaches approximately 100MV-1.3 GV. They can discharge in a second or two because of the high breakdown voltage.


I think of Lightning as an “escape valve” that dumps the charges to the ground when the voltage gets extremely high. Dust Devils, Tornadoes, and Lightning Strikes are the same phenomena. The only difference is the voltage that starts them and the time it takes to discharge.

3. Research Summary

Dust Devils, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and Flooding are all created by an electric discharge of electrons in the clouds. They are discharging with protons and/or dust on the ground or the bottom of the ocean. Their formation can be prevented by draining the clouds of electrons before they reach the high voltage level that starts the discharge. Electrons, from the Sun, are the driving force of all-weather from electrical discharge in the Clouds, Rain, Dust Devils, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and Flooding.
The electrons can be drained from the clouds by placing a balloon 1000 feet in the air with a wire connecting it to the ground. Please see the paper, written by Dr. Alex Bolonkin, a Ph.D., entitled Electric Theory of Tornado, Prevention of Tornado Forming (Source 1), included in the supporting documents.


Draining the Clouds of Electrons

Will prevent Lighting, Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Flooding

The bonus is that we can save most of the electrons coming to the ground and store them in Capacitors and Batteries and Sell the Electricity in the electric utility marketplace.  This will be a profitable venture and pay for all the costs of draining the clouds and have money left over for Profits or other governmental activities.


If the Tornado has already formed, and there is a discharge in progress, it can be disrupted in many different ways by using magnetic fields and charged particles that WE CREATE.   The two videos, on the website, show many different ways they can be Stopped, Moved, or Killed with charged particles or magnetic fields WE CREATE.

4. Tornado Formation & Prevention of Tornado Formation

The McLaine Institute for Tornado and Hurricane Mitigation Research has discovered that all weather is created by moving charged particles. So, even though we found these ideas through our research, others also have made the same or similar discoveries.

Other scientists have already published papers that say tornadoes are created and driven by electric discharge! Although these other scientists have published papers agreeing with our research, Meteorology Science will not recognize these facts.  Their description of weather only contains Temperature, Pressure & Wind Speed. This needs to change!

Dr. Alexander Bolonkin was a Russian Scientist with a Ph.D. in Aeronautical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Mathematics. He worked for NASA. He was a consultant to NASA’s Top Management. He wrote a paper in 2013 entitled “Electric Theory of Tornadoes. Protection from Tornadoes.” He discusses the negatively charged electrons moving down the middle of a tornado. After our research, this was the same conclusion we independently discovered.

(Dr. Alexander Bolonkin Drawings)

(McLaine Institute's Drawing)

The main difference is that his drawing only shows the electrons coming down the middle to the ground. Also, our image shows (in RED) that positive charges, including dust, wrap around the electrons and move up to the top of the cloud where they discharge with electrons from the sky. In reality, there are numerous tubes of positive charges moving around the electrons and going to the top; and there is debris that is pulled around by the magnetic fields near the ground, which masks the central core from our sight. Also, our drawing shows that positive & negative charges are created in the cloud, either because of the Triboelectric effect of particles bumping together, knocking electrons off the atoms, or the fact that water vapor is ionized. When water is hot, above 80 degrees, or when water is cold, just before freezing, it turns into a vapor form where 2 molecules of H20 split into H30 + and -OH, a negative charge.

4(a). Electric Theory of Tornado. Protection from Tornado


Dr. Bolonkin strongly suggests that we can stop tornadoes from forming by draining the clouds of electrons before they turn into a tornado. He suggests that we can do this by connecting the clouds to the ground. This drains the electrons from the sky before they build up enough charges and breakdown voltage to form a tornado. Also, he suggested that we fence military bases, nuclear stations, and villages with a row of balloons connected by a wire to the ground to protect them from tornadoes.

Below is his drawing:

Screenshot 2022-08-22 185250.png

Since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, I propose we can work to prevent a Tornado from forming by using Dr. Bolonkin’s idea.

The following are some of our ideas:

Realize that the Weather Bureau has Doppler Radar. This is available to the public, which shows where the rain is the heaviest. NOAA Weather Radar tells us that the point where the Radar shows a RED curl, coming to a point, is where tornadoes normally form. So, we can concentrate on places where we see these Radar Images.

The Electric Universe is a group of Engineers and Scientists who have formed a theory that the Universe is filled with moving electric charges, (a plasma), which create magnetic fields throughout the Universe and can be seen from the Galactic level to the microscopic level.


5. Electric Universe’s Papers - Tornado Formation

“Meteorologists are not sure how tornadoes form, but they do know that they are often associated with severe electrical storms. The key to understanding tornadoes is that they are the result of rapidly rotating electric charges. Just as electrons are the current carriers in the copper wires we use for power transmission, they are the same in a tornado. The BIG difference is that the electrons are moving at many meters per second in the tornado, while they take several hours to move one meter in the copper wire! The result is that enormously powerful electromagnetic forces are in control of the tornado. This effect has been called a 'charged sheath vortex.'"
“The shape of the vortex is strongly constrained to be long and thin with a circular cross-section. This true shape of the vortex is usually hidden in tornadoes because of the obscuring dust and clouds. The vortex itself will only be visible if it has sufficient electrical energy to ionize atoms in the atmosphere.” 
“It is commonly thought that a tornado is a means for mechanical energy in the storm to be converted somehow to electrical power, which is then transmitted very effectively to the ground by the electrical conduit of the charged sheath vortex inside the tornado. The "somehow" arises only because nobody visualizes the electrical dimension of the solar system. Electrical power from space is partially dissipated in the mechanical energy of the encircling winds. Instead of generating the electrical effects, the tornadic winds are driven by the charge sheath vortex and its connection to the electric currents of the solar system.”

The authors of the paper are:

The Electric Universe

EXECUTIVE EDITORS: David Talbott, Wallace Thornhill
MANAGING EDITOR: Amy Acheson CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Mel Acheson, Michael Armstrong, Duardo Cardona, El Cochrane, C.J. Ransom, Don Scott, Rens Van der Sluijs, Ian Tresman

6. The McLaine Institute Theory of Tornado Formation

The clouds are a discharge in process between positive charges “dust” from the ground and negative charges, (electrons) from the Sun. Also, the clouds are full of negative and positive charges as part of their creation process, as previously discussed.


When the charges in a cloud increase in density, it also increases the voltage of the charges

When the voltage increases in the range of 100KV – 10MV, the air ionizes and allows the charges to flow to the ground in sufficient quantities to start the tornado vortex. If the voltage in the clouds increases to approximately 100MV- 1GV, then a Lightning Strike is created. 


Additionally, the clouds are filled with water vapor. Water, when it becomes a vapor, is not the same as H2O. Two molecules of water turn into H3O, a Positive charge, and OH, a Negative charge. As the sun passes overhead, the OCEAN is heated, and the vegetation below is heated, the sun Ionizes the water and turns it into water vapor which creates the positive and negatively charged particles. When Meteorologist’s talk about Hot water rising creates and fuels Hurricanes, you can Substitute “Ionized water of Positive and Negative Charges particles fuels them to be more precise".


The Earth has magnetic fields that are created in the core of the Earth. (See the above drawing) These spinning magnetic field lines act like barriers that hold back most of the charged particles coming from the Sun. Most of the charged particles slide along the magnetic fields and enter the earth at the North and South Pole. But many of the electrons still leak through the magnetic fields and move to the ground. During the daytime, the Ionosphere grows 2 to 3 times in height more than at night. This puts more pressure on the already strained magnetic field lines, which are already pushed closer to Earth than the nightside, (as shown in the drawing above.) During the afternoon, more electrons from the Sun break through these magnetic field lines and fall to Earth. The speed of the charged particles, coming from the Sun, is measured by NOAA at their Space Weather Prediction Center.


What Meteorologists don’t seem to fully understand or don’t talk about is, WHY clouds are positive on the top and negative on the bottom. Furthermore, they don’t talk about what causes updrafts and downdrafts in the clouds. What they are missing is that updrafts are caused by positive charges moving up and down drafts are created by negative charges moving down.

The clouds are being rained upon (from above) with electrons, and electrons are being created in the clouds by the process of the Triboelectric Effect, which is atoms bumping together, knocking off free electrons; but also, from the IONIZATION of WATER, as stated above.

The Question: Why do the positive charges move to the top of the clouds? The answer is: Because they are pulled there by negative charges coming from the Sun through the leaking Ionosphere.


The Question: Why do the negative charges move to the bottom of the clouds? The answer is: Because they are pulled there from positive charges on the ground, mostly dust.

7. The McLaine Institute Future Experiments


Measure the electric voltage, currents, and magnetic fields in the center core of dust devils and tornadoes.


The Matador Project in the Arizona desert was a well-funded scientific research project to investigate the forces in a Dust Devil. It had participants from several Universities & NASA.


A large Dust Devil came through their base camp near Eloy, Arizona.


An Electric Field Test instrument measured the voltage in the top of the dust devil as it passed through their Base Camp. They measured zero volts until the center core moved under their Electric Field measurement instrument. What they measured was the voltage that was zero until they hit the core, then it dropped to Minus 4.3 thousand volts. This indicated that electrons were moving from the sky to the ground. When the Dust Devil moved away from the instruments, the voltage came back to ZERO. (See their chart on the left).








Also, they said in their report that their meter saturated out because they had it set at the most sensitive settings, therefore they really didn’t know what the true voltage was. Later, there was a simulation made and they estimated it was probably between 10,000 and 20,000 volts.


7(a). Use drones to fly into and around the Dust Devils and Tornadoes to make Electric and Magnetic Field measurements.


7(b). Move a dust devil with a charged platter on wheels.


By replacing the ground with a positively charged platter that will attract the dust devil and connect to it. Then, we will show how we have control of the dust devil’s movements. This is done by driving the truck in a figure 8 pattern with the Dust Devil in tow. The Platter, which is positively charged on top, will attract negative charges from the middle of the dust devil.



Picture4- madator test data.jpg

7(c). Design Equipment capable of Killing a tornado in the process.

A Tornado can be killed by using High Powered Lasers or Microwave Transmitters. This equipment will burn a hole in the side of the Dust Devil or Tornado. This will allow the Tornado’s Electron core to discharge with positive charges at the hole. The Laser will ionize the air between the truck and the tornado. This will allow the electrons to follow the path of the laser back to the truck where they could be captured and stored in capacitors and batteries.


7(d). Design & Build an Electrical Storage system to store the electrons coming to the ground when the clouds are drained of Electrons.

8. What does Electric Discharge look like?

Depending upon the voltage and current, an electric discharge can be invisible, if it is weak; Also, it can look like white tubes in the clouds, or it can emit light, as in a lightning strike.

Mostly they look like spinning tubes in the clouds where one tube will be coming to a point and enters another tube which looks like a donut from the end. The photograph below shows Electric Discharge in lightning and in Dust Devils.


On the left side of the above photo, it shows a lightning strike. The discharge is the white spot just before the lightning moves into the dust hole, which actually moves up a few feet to meet electrons. On the right side of the above photo, it shows a dust devil. Also, it has a white spike moving into a dust tube. So lightning strikes and dust devils are an electric discharge between electrons in the sky and positively charged dust on the ground. Since Tornadoes are just large dust devils, they are also an electric discharge. And since Hurricanes are just a group of tornadoes, which move around each other, and create the Eye that forms the Hurricane, they are multiple electric discharges in process.

The photo below shows the dust devil breaking apart, in the clouds, because it ran out of charges.


You can clearly see the small tube, which is where the electrons move to the ground, and the larger tube it fits into, which is where the positively charged dust wraps around the inner tube and moves dust to the clouds, where they can discharge.

8(a). Electric Discharge Creates White Matter!


White in the Clouds, Electronic Milling, Arc Welding, Dust Devils, Tornado Tract. Also, this white matter is seen in dust devils, where the electrons in the center, hit the ground.


Dust Devil


Electric Milling


 Arc Welding

Electronic Milling machines and ARC Welding also create “white matter” as seen above in the photos on the right. The white matter is reportedly created because the electrons hitting the steal or tungsten metal has small amounts of zinc and it is the zinc that gets oxidized and becomes zinc oxide, which gives it the white color. In clouds, it is Electrons hitting Ionized Water droplets that turn clouds the color white.


Tornado scars also create white matter, as seen in the photo on the left, which shows a tornado track.


In addition, since you can still see the string of discharges where white tubes go into holes, the discharges leave evidence that it was electrical in nature. White is the color of an electric discharge; these photos are additional proof that Tornadoes are created by an electric discharge.


High Voltage discharge creates white clouds.


8(b). How does Electric discharge work?

(McLaine's Coaxil Magnetic Tubes: 2 Minutes Video)


8(c). To understand the electrical discharges taking place in the clouds, you need to look for tubes in the clouds!

There are places where a tube comes to a point, then goes into another cloud, which seems to make a larger tube for it to enter. The places marked in RED are for you to see the areas where discharges are in process.


The Red marks show where electrical discharges are taking place in and between clouds. They look like small tubes going into large tubes. The point that the two connect is where an electric discharge is taking place between positive and negative charges. Also, this area can be targeted to pull the charges from the sky to prevent tornadoes from forming; and to pull electrons from the clouds, just next to the discharge, where there will be high concentrations of electrons to be captured and stored. Also, we can use some of the captured electrons to power our drones so they could remain aloft the entire day as the clouds discharge. We can save the electrons to be sold in the Electric Utility marketplace.






Open your Eyes and Mind

8(d). Can you find the points of discharge between the clouds in the photos below?


In these photos, there are Grayish-brown clouds discharging with white clouds. Also, notice that the bottom of the cloud on the right is dark. Meteorologists say that the bottom of the cloud is gray because the sun can’t shine through the clouds. That is probably true to some extent, but clearly, there are brown clouds discharging with white clouds. Also, the brown clouds are above the white clouds, so they are getting direct sunlight.


Within the McLaine Theory, the bottom of the clouds is mostly dark because they are continually pulling up positively charged dust to discharge with the electrons in the clouds. This is normally unseen because the dust particles are very small, similar to the dust that sticks to your computer screen. When they are in the air, you can’t see them.


Satellite Photos of Discharge near the North pole

Just before water freezes, it IONIZES and splits into plus and minus charges. This makes the polar regions of Ice highly charged, as seen by the tubes discharging everywhere!

8(e). Why do clouds vanish after the sun sets?

In the late afternoon, as the sun begins to set, notice that the fluff in the clouds stops discharging with electrons and vanishes. This is because there are not as many electrons reaching the clouds from the sun. So, the only clouds left are the tubes that carry electrons to discharge with positive charges moving in the opposite direction.


By the time the sun sets, the only cloud structures left are the thin tubes. And without additional electrons from the sun, even they will dissipate a few minutes after sunset.

NOTE: This is not the case for large thunderstorms because they are generating their own electrons and discharges. This is created through the triboelectric effect of atoms bumping into each other and through the Ionization of water as the temperature approaches freezing.

Photo of clouds in the late afternoon, with only two tubes remaining. These clouds disappeared completely within 5 minutes after the picture was taken.


9. Where do Clouds come from? How are they created?


The birth of a Cloud starts as an electric discharge at ground level or in the ocean at water level. Below is a picture of the World. The majority of the clouds are mostly created in the Equatorial region. They start a few hours after the sun passes overhead. As seen below, they start as small as white dots.


The dots become larger over time. Below, in the video screenshot of Africa, notice they are connected to the ground by the gray tubes.

This image shows a close-up of clouds forming at the end of dust tubes. Eventually, the cloud leaves the confinement of the tubes, moves away, and sometimes takes part of the tubes with it.


The photo above shows additional Proof that clouds are created by an electric discharge and, in fact, are an electric discharge in process. Also, in the photo above, tubes grow from the ground similar to a lightning strike and dust devil. But it’s hard to see them because they only last a second or two. In these satellite images, once in a while, we get an extremely large cloud formation, as seen above in the North African Desert. This shows either protons and/or dust coming out of the ground fuels the clouds. This extremely large cloud is approximately 60 miles high. The size is just an estimate by comparison to the Suez Canal (to the right), which is 120 miles long, including its access channels. Also, the cloud on top is approximately 60 miles wide. Notice the left and right side of the cloud has tubes pointing to the ground, which are discharging with the ground.

We need a volunteer to obtain a sample of these tubes that creates the clouds, coming out of Africa, so we can perform a chemical analysis of their properties.

To see the video where the screen shots of the world show the tube coming out of the ground to discharge with electrons, click the link. You can look at part, you can back up and stop the video to view a specific frame.


10. Let’s add “Draining the Clouds” to our ways of “Creating Electricity"!


By draining the clouds to stop Lightning Strikes, Tornadoes and Flooding we could store most of the electrons coming to the ground in capacitor banks and batteries. The storage of electrons could be a profitable venture and pay for all of the costs of Tornado prevention and have a large profit left over.


10(a). Several possible ways to prevent a tornado from forming:


Fly an airplane, filled with a positive Ion, such as Calcium with Plus 2 charges, and release the positive charges just a few feet above the bottom of a cloud where electrons are attracted by the positive charges on the ground. Neutralizing the negative electrons in the bottom of the lower cloud will eliminate a tornado from forming. (See the drawing below)

Picture29 (2).png

We will use a hot air balloon, as described in Dr. Alex Bolonkin’s paper. But let’s enhance its capability by carrying a swarm of drones up near the bottom of the clouds where they will be launched. They will be connected to the balloon by an electrical cable. The swarm will fly up into the clouds in a pre-programmed flight path, which will move up and down around the balloon, carrying the electrically grounded cable, which will increase the diameter to over 1000 feet in the lower clouds, and which will DRAMATICALLY DECREASE the amount of negatively charged electrons in the clouds.



In the drawing below is the top view of the hot air balloon and the drones that will take off carrying a conducting cable connected back to the ground.


When the balloon reaches its place, approximately 1,000 feet in the air, the drones will rise upward, moving 25 degrees left, and then back to its original position; then to the right, 25 degrees as they climb up 500 feet above the Balloon. The movements of the drones will be controlled by a SWARM Program.

This will sweep a path of 1000 feet in diameter and 500 feet high. It will pull almost all of the electrons in or near that volume of space into our grounding cables. The clouds will always be moving, so the process will be completed again, every few minutes.

We are saddened by the fact that no one has tried Dr. Bolonkin’s idea to drain the clouds of electrons since it’s been in the public domain since 2013.

Also, we are mindful that this is like placing a lightning rod a thousand feet above the ground, and if there is a high Electron Density, enough to create a static voltage of Millions of Volts, this would be a target for a Lightning Strike. So, there need to be procedures in place for the Tornado Wranglers controlling the experiment to be protected. Also, there need to be current limiters, at the Balloon and ground level, to stop the current in microseconds, if it starts to ramp up quickly. This also raises another possibility:


11. Clouds are Nature’s way of creating vast amounts of electricity


So, let’s add this to our ways of creating electricity! Solar only works when the sun is shining. This would create vast amounts of electricity when it is cloudy.


"A typical lightning strike has about 300 million volts with 30,000 amps”. Source:


Volts x Amps = Watts. Therefore, 9 x 10^12 Watts or 9 trillion watts for just one average lightning strike.

The National & Global Lightning Detection System measured 194,000 Lightning Strikes in the United States in 2021.


If the assumption is: a lightning strike lasts 1 second, then, we could estimate that if we could capture the electricity in all of the 194,000 lightning strikes, with each averaging 9 trillion-watt seconds, we would have saved 1,746,000 trillion-watt seconds.


If we divide that by 3,600 to convert from seconds to hours, we get 485 trillion-Watt Hrs. or .485 trillion KWHrs.


At some point in our future, we will be able to drain all the clouds so a lightning strike would never be created. In the process, we could save .485 trillion KWHrs. of electricity which we could sell, just from removing Lightning strikes.


According to the National Weather Service, in the United States, there are approximately 800 Tornadoes each year.


A typical Tornado Contains 10,000KWHrs

Source: Jo Schaefer, Director NOAA/NWS Storm Prediction Center.


By draining the clouds which eliminate these tornadoes, we could also produce another 8 million KWHrs.


We can also Eliminate Flooding in the United States

This same technology (draining the clouds of electrons) could also be used to reduce the rainfall in areas of flooding, as each rain drop has a charged particle in its center.


We have been seeding the clouds to make it rain since 1946. Let’s now start UN-seeding some of the clouds to stop them from flooding the land.


Some of the raindrops have positive charges and some have a negative charge, which is an electron. You need a charged particle to form a raindrop.


In the Journal of Atmospheric Science, a study named, “Raindrop Charge and Electric Field in Active Thunderstorms” counted 7,000 rain drops and determined the ratio of raindrop charges of electrons to positive was 1.2 so, there are more negative charged rain drops than positive charged rain drops. So, if we drained All of the negative charges out of the clouds, we would cut the Rain Fall by more than 50%. Also, we could move the cloud using lasers or Microwave beams to ionize the air in front of the cloud on one side or the other to attract the cloud to move right or left to move the cloud away from populated areas.


In 2021, the United States generated a total of 4.12 trillion KWH of electricity.

Source:  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

12. There is a French and German collaboration in the process of harvesting electricity from lightning

Teramobile,, an international project initiated jointly by a French-German collaboration of the French National Centre for Scientific Research/CNRS (France) and Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft/DFG (Germany), has managed to trigger electric activity in thunderclouds by Ultrashort pulse laser/ultrashort lasers.

We believe harvesting lightning is too dangerous and it would be much better to pull the electrons out of the clouds to the ground before they reach a lightning magnitude strength. We posted this as an example, that it is possible, to harvest electrons from the clouds.

13. How Much Electricity Can Thunderstorms Produce?


Researchers used a cosmic ray detector to clock one storm in at a shocking 1.3 billion volts.

Jason Daley
March 25, 2019


But researchers at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai, India, decided to probe thunderclouds using something more sophisticated than a balloon: muon detectors. Muons are charged particles produced in the upper atmosphere of the Earth when cosmic rays that constantly bombard our planet interact with various particles. That means there’s a steady rain of these energetic muons constantly falling across the earth. When something gets in their way, however, muons lose energy, and the loss of energy can be detected using special equipment.

The GRAPES-3 telescope at The Tata Institute tracks muons, detecting over one million muons per minute. But George Dvorsky at Gizmodo reports that the team added electric field monitors to the detector and began watching storms passing overhead. By looking at the reduction in energy of the muons passing through the cloud, the team can calculate the amount of electrical potential within the storm.


Between 2011 and 2014, the team captured data on 184 storms. They narrowed that list to the seven largest storms. Six of those, however, were complex storms, and computing their electrical potential had various problems. A massive storm on December 1, 2014, however, had the right profile for a calculation.
The storm moved along at 40 miles per hour at an altitude seven miles above the Earth’s surface and covered about 146 square miles. Calculations based on the number of muons the storm repelled show it had a potential of 1.3 billion volts, 10 times more than the previous highest reading for a thunderstorm.


“Scientists estimated that thunderclouds could have gigavolt potential in the 1920s," co-author Sunil Gupta of Tata tells Tia Ghose at LiveScience. “But it was never proven — until now. The amount of energy stored here is enough to supply all the power needs of a city like New York City for 26 minutes. If you could harness it”. That’s from one large storm.

14. The Ultimate Goal of our Research


Draining the clouds of electrons will not only prevent Lightning Strikes and Tornadoes, but it will reduce the number of electrons in the clouds, which will automatically reduce the probability of flooding. We don’t know exactly how much more draining may be needed to prevent heavy rain at this point, so more research is needed. The Consideration that we also can store these electrons (which could add 5% to 25% more electrical power available for the United States) and considering that this power will be saved without spending billions to build Power plants or Solar farms, it seems to us that this should be the #1way we proceed to create more electric power for the United States. The fact there could even be 10 times more electricity in a Thunderstorm than previously believed; or accounted for by the “Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai, India” as stated above in this paper, means this process could also become the Largest Source of Electric Power for the United States and the World.


Also, it is self-evident that these multiple advantages should make this a TOP PRIORITY of our Governmental Agencies.


Please Help us Help You to live free From Lightning Strikes, Tornadoes, and Flooding; and enjoy the benefits of the creation of Cheap Electricity. Please Make a Donation and/or Volunteer and become a part of the Solution.

Please tell your friends and relatives and send our URL to your local Civic Organizations, such as the Lions Club, Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, etc. Also, send this to the Mayor and City Council in your area. Since this is a new unproven technology, we doubt your city government will fund or manage this effort, until it is proven. So, it will be up to “we the people”, to create a Volunteer Group to get the ball rolling similar to a Volunteer Fire Department.


We will be happy to set up a zoom call to make a presentation and answer any questions to any group or city government. Since this knowledge has been out there for over 10 years and no one followed up or even ran an experiment on draining the clouds, we feel motivated to create a “Tornado Protection Department” in every city in the Midwest that is subject to Tornado Damage.


We will need local volunteers to organize and manage your “Tornado Protection Department.” We will assist you and will come to your city to help you organize. We will design and build the equipment to drain the clouds and you will provide the management and manpower to drain the clouds and store the electricity for commercial power distribution and sale. At some point in the future, we believe the City or State government will want to take over the draining the clouds project and provide funding for your cities, “Tornado Protection Department”, which is our ultimate goal.


1) Bolonkin, Alexander. Electric Theory of Tornado, Protection from Tornado Electric Theory of Tornado, Protection from Tornado | Electric Theory of Tornado, Protection from Tornado (

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