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About the Founder

Ray McLaine

In 2019, I was a retired Electronic Engineer enjoying my retirement and spending most of my energy on learning West Coast Swing Dancing.

During my career, I worked at Hughes Aircraft for one year after graduating from Santa Monica City College with an Electronic Technology Degree. I saved my money and then, continued to get a B.S E.E. Degree from California State Polytechnic University. Also, I worked for Hughes Aircraft during summer vacations.


When I worked for Hughes Aircraft, I was fortunate to work on the final test of the Wiring Harness for the Syncom F1 Satellite. This was the first Geosynchronous Orbit Communication Satellite. Three of these satellites, located at a Lagrange point 22,000 miles from Earth, can provide global communications.      


About 5 years ago, I saw a Syncom Satellite in the lobby of Lockheed Martin in El Segundo, CA.


Here I am standing next to the Satellite

Major Achievements of Ray McLaine

Senior Executive experienced in opening new markets, developing new products, and training sales organizations.


Ray has extensive business experience in start-up companies from High Tech to Real Estate Development, Construction, Finance, Marketing and Sales. He is an innovator with a keen business sense who has consistently orchestrated dynamic growth in market share and revenue through new product development and marketing of diverse products in a wide variety of industries.

Technical Engineering Management includes the design of telephone switching systems, burglar alarm products, cable TV MOSFET amplifiers, 3D graphics software programs, website development, Internet Lead generation system.

  • Founder of the Commercial REO Brokers Association, CREOBA. Created Events and Training Programs for Brokers to learn the tasks required to manage bank-owned commercial properties and events so they could meet asset managers that could give them listings. Signed up over 1,500 brokers and was the largest organization of its kind.

  • Launched a new 3D graphics software company, 3DT, from start to $3..2 million in sales in its second year. Created 3CD’s of 3D photo texture-mapped objects. For use in 3D animations. Like 3D clip art.

  • Raised Venture Capital and became a consultant to the software company, Synthonics, Inc.; supervised the development of several software products and assisted in taking the company public. Holder of 2 patents in 3D technology.

  • Co-Founder and CEO of a long-distance telephone company, Thrifty Telephone Exchange, which helped to design a proprietary telephone switch product. Used the telephone switch/ computer to start a long-distance phone company. Opened 10 Branch offices and trained 300 salespeople in two years. Managed a 500 line phone network.

  • Founder and CEO of Guardian Electronics, Inc.  I literally designed the first product in my garage, The Company achieved 6 years of revenue growth/ year to $8 million in sales.

  • Set up offshore manufacturing in Hong Kong and opened 15 international markets.

  •  Founded 1NetRealty and 1NetMortgage with my wife Carol. Sold Real Estate and originated Mortgages.

  •  CEO of Stallion Springs Development Company – built 50 homes and a 36 unit Condominium project on the golf course.

  • Polestar Properties syndicated and managed three Mobil Home Parks.

  • MS Properties, syndicated the development of a Medical Office building which was stopped by the Coast Line Commission. Re-designed the building into a 42 unit Motel, “The Inn at Venice Beach”

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