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Mechanical Engineers

Westlake Village, CA, USA or Virtual United States

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Primary Responsibility:
The McLaine Institute will provide the general design Specifications for Measuring Equipment and Experiments to Stop moving and kill dust devils some of which are included in the two videos. The McLaine Institute will assign a Mechanical Engineer together with an Electrical Engineer and in some cases a Physicist. The group will be responsible to use the general specification and design the equipment that will meet the specification. They will build and evaluate the equipment. Some of them may also volunteer to follow the storm wranglers to be available to fix or modify the equipment in the field.

When we have a few volunteers, we will hold a Video Conference to review some of our other Ideas and are anxious to see what Ideas, you may have. After our conference, we will select the first project to start design.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and 5-year experience. &Nbsp;

About the Company

We are a non-profit research organization powered by our founder’s funds and public donations. We plan to create several experiments to evaluate on dust devils; to measure the charges moving in the dust devils and to create videos to show how we can stop, move, and kill them with electric charges and magnetic fields. Once we complete those tasks, then it is just a matter of scale to scale up the equipment to be able to control Tornadoes. By year 3, we will be ready to attack Hurricanes at Sea and show we can Stop, Move and Kill Hurricanes.

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