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City Organizers

Westlake Village, CA, USA or Virtual United States

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About the Role

Primary Responsibility:
• Set up meetings for The McLaine Institute management to make a presentation to City officials, and Civic Organizations such as the Rotary club, chamber of commerce, Lion’s club, women’s clubs, etc. Schedule afternoon meetings presentations and Dinner meeting presentations for the public.
• Arrange a hotel room or other civic location for management to meet and greet members of the community and have a VIP dinner with a presentation after dinner and a Q &A session.
• Arrange for the press and local TV coverage. Place TV Public Service Message Video, we will provide, with local TV stations.
• Coordinate and supervise all activities of the other volunteer groups in your city such as event planners, tornado wranglers, storm chasing crew, communication managers, and provide monthly reports to your state manager.


  • Should have Management Experience

  • Some Experience in Rising money for non-profits

  • Manage fund raisers

  • Initially this will be a full-time voluntary position with the potential of converting to a full-time paid position 

We envision each City will have a “Volunteer Tornado Protection Department.” This will be Similar to a Volunteer Fire Department. You will be the organizer/Manager. This will be run and funded by the McLaine Institute. At some time in the future, we will ask the city government for funding. &Nbsp;

About the Company

We are a non-profit research organization powered by our founder’s funds and public donations. We plan to create several experiments to evaluate on dust devils; to measure the charges moving in the dust devils and to create videos to show how we can stop, move, and kill them with electric charges and magnetic fields. Once we complete those tasks, then it is just a matter of scale to scale up the equipment to be able to control Tornadoes. By year 3, we will be ready to attack Hurricanes at Sea and show we can Stop, Move and Kill Hurricanes.

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