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Airplane Owner and Pilot

Westlake Village, CA, USA or Virtual United States

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About the Role

Primary Responsibility:
Perform electric and Magnetic measurements in the clouds. NOT JUST STORM CLOUDS.
Take an electronic engineer or a Measurement Technician with meters mounted on your aircraft to measure the electric and magnetic fields in the clouds. Take a Videographer in the back seat to documents the event and the measurements. Determine focal points at specific places where the charges are greater.
1. The bottom of the cloud, especially the dark black or brown bottom. This is an accumulation of Positively charged dust that has been pulled up because just above the bottom will be a strong Negative layer of electrons. These come from electrons from the sky and are made in the clouds because of two effects, the first is that just before the water freezes it ionizes two molecules of H2O split into H30 a plus charge, and OH a minus charge. (This effect is not included in conventional Meteorology textbooks or research papers, but it is very real, just ask a chemist.)
2. Additionally, the triboelectric effect of atoms bumping into each other knocks off electrons from an atom providing a free electron. (This is in the Meteorology Textbooks)
3. The electrons move to the bottom of the cloud (this is in Meteorology textbooks, but they don’t explain why) to discharge with positively charged dust, which is continually being pulled up in all clouds, (this is not in the Meteorology textbooks).
4. The positive charges move to the top of the cloud, (this is in meteorology textbooks) (to discharge with electrons from the sky. (This is not in meteorology textbooks)
5. Additionally, there are tubes in clouds which are facilitating electric discharge between positive and negative regions in the clouds. At the end of these tubes is where discharge is taking place, they look like a pointed tube going into a larger donut holes tube. (This is not in the Meteorology Textbooks)
When the clouds wind down their discharge in the late afternoon as the sun is setting, you will see much of the cloud evaporate, leaving these tubes, what I have named “MacLaine’s Coaxial Magnetic Tubes” in my presentation. So late in the afternoon when these tubes are visible is when we want to measure the currents at the spot these tubes meet. We should also be able to measure them using thermal imaging cameras. High concentrations of moving electrons are cold so you could locate these moving charges in the tubes with a thermal camera earlier in the day when the moving charges are stronger.


  • Must own a four seat private aircraft

  • Have an IFR rating.

About the Company

We are a non-profit research organization powered by our founder’s funds and public donations. We plan to create several experiments to evaluate on dust devils; to measure the charges moving in the dust devils and to create videos to show how we can stop, move, and kill them with electric charges and magnetic fields. Once we complete those tasks, then it is just a matter of scale to scale up the equipment to be able to control Tornadoes. By year 3, we will be ready to attack Hurricanes at Sea and show we can Stop, Move and Kill Hurricanes.

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