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El Instituto McLaine para
Investigación sobre mitigación de tornados y huracanes

¡Podemos controlar tornados y huracanes!

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  • Nadie debería perder su casa o negocio.

  • Nadie debería resultar herido o morir

  • Podemos sujetarlos en un solo lugar.

  • Podemos alejarnos de las ciudades y las personas.

  • Debilita su fuerza y mátalos

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How to Kill Tornados & Hurricanes? 15 Mins

Nuestra investigación

Nuestro plan es crear varios experimentos para probar en Dust Devils; medir las cargas que se mueven en los Dust Devils y crear videos para mostrar cómo podemos detenerlos, moverlos y matarlos con cargas eléctricas y campos magnéticos.  Una vez que completamos esas tareas, es solo una cuestión de escala ampliar el equipo para poder controlar los tornados.  Para el tercer año, estaremos listos para atacar huracanes en el mar y demostrar que podemos detener, mover y matar huracanes.

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Necesitamos tu ayuda para lograr los nobles objetivos. 

Ayúdenos a salvarlo a usted, su familia y sus amigos, de perder su hogar, negocio o lesiones y muerte. Estados Unidos tiene un promedio de 500 muertes, 2,000 lesiones y $ 15 mil millones en daños en promedio cada año por tornados y huracanes.  

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Preguntas frecuentes

  • Why are all storms created by negative charges from the Sky?
    Because we can see them in videos of Earth from Space and in Dust Devils and Hurricanes. Check out this video for more information: How to Kill Tornados & Hurricanes?
  • How did you derive the McLaine’s Theory of Weather Creation?
    During the Covid 19 lockdown, I got tired of watching TV all day. I am a retired Electronic Engineer and I worked for Hughes Aircraft as an Electronic Technician. During the summer, while I was continuing my education, I had the opportunity to work on the Syncom1 Satellite, which was the first Synchronous Orbit Communication Satellite. Another summer, I worked in the final assembly and test area of the Surveyor Space Craft, which made the first Soft Landing on the Moon. I also worked for TRW Systems after I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona. I worked on several secrete spy satellites. So, I thought it would be interesting to look at satellites that are in space today. When I started, I had no agenda. I was just curious about which satellites were up there and what could I see or learn. The satellites that were most useful are:, Himawari and EUMETSAT. I highly recommend them. Most of my Theory of Weather Creation was derived by watching these three Satellites.
  • What are “Maxwell’s Equations” and how does it prove your Theory?
    “Maxwell’s Equations” are used to calculate how charged particles move, and the forces that are created with their magnetic fields. They are used by Engineers and Plasma Physicists to design electric motors, generators, MRI machines, x-ray machines, and TV sets. They are used to contain charged particles inside a Tokomak in an attempt to create clean nuclear fusion. Check out this Maxwell’s Equations video for more details:
  • What is satellite useful for? shows winds aloft at different altitudes, and concentrations of CO2 and S2O4 sulfur dioxide on the world map. By looking at, I learned that there are Hurricanes at the North and South Poles. They are there all year long. I didn’t know there were Hurricanes at the Poles. When I did some research, I learned from the American Meteorological Society that “Hurricanes only form in the Equatorial Regions, where hot water rising, fuels them”. Since they are at the North and South Poles, where it is freezing, the AMS’s explanation can’t be right. The next question is: what DOES fuel them? It must be the charged particles that enter our North and South Poles, where the Earth’s magnetic fields drop to zero. Moving charged particles create a spinning magnetic field around the direction of its movement. Spinning magnetic fields are the force that spins the clouds and the water. I did some research on “Maxwell’s Equations of Divergence and Curl”, it reveals that it must be negative charges entering the North Pole because the Hurricanes spin CCW. At the South Pole, it is positive charges entering which makes them spin CW. When a 3d world comes up click on bottom left “earth” for controls. You can rotate the world with your mouse, and you can zoom in and out Select the altitude in Hpa pressure units. If you are not familiar with pressure altitude One thousand hpa is 300 ft off the ground and one hundred hpa is 53,000 ft. Check out the satellite video for details:
  • What is Himawari satellite useful for?
    I learned that all Clouds and Hurricanes move northward, if they formed north of the Equator. They move to the South Pole, if they were created south of the Equator. I saw a hurricane, moving north of the Equator, that was pulled on its side by a cloud, moving north above it. This revealed that there were Tubes coming out the bottom which were 2,000 to 3,000 miles long. What would make these tubes and how would they hold together for weeks and stretch for 2-3 thousand miles? After months of research, I came to the conclusion that it must be Electrons from the Sky moving down these tubes in the center to discharge with dust on the bottom of the ocean, which is positively charged. This matches “Maxwell’s Equations of Divergence and Curl.” The divergence shows that moving electrons Converge to a point and positive moving charges Diverge and create tubes for the electron to enter. Since electrons are negatively charged and dust is positively charged, they attract each other. Moving charges create a spinning magnetic field around the moving charged particles. Since the electrons are moving down, and positive charges are moving up, they both have spinning magnetic fields. They both spin the same direction, CCW, looking from the top, which holds them together and insulates them from each other so they can’t discharge until they exit the tubes at the ends. Check out the Himawari satellite video for more details:
  • What is EUMETSAT satellite useful for?
    I learned from EUMETSAT is that clouds mostly form in the Equatorial Region about 1 hour after the Sun passes overhead. I saw tubes coming out of the water, and in Africa and South America, they seem to grow over time. On top of the tubes, there is a little puff cloud. As the tubes grow and move towards the Sky, these little puff clouds grow larger, and then, combine with nearby clouds. Then, they move away from the tubes and move toward the Poles. Check out EUMETSAT satellite video for more details:
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