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Electronic & Electrical Engineers

Westlake Village, CA, USA or Virtual United States

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Primary Responsibility: To take responsibility to design equipment as described in the videos and other experiments. The McLaine Institute will provide the specifications. The basic concepts are to disrupt the discharge in the progress of dust devils by eliminating or restricting the negative charges in the cloud from coming to the ground. Some ideas are to sort out the cloud, so it discharged to other positive changes in the cloud. Another designs concept will be to sort out the dust devil one hundred feet above the ground to prevent the dust devil from coming to the ground to discharge. Another concept is to make the ground negative with electrically charged elements, or a Negative high voltage shield a few feet above the ground.

We also need Engineers with experience in 30KW to100KW size lasers and/or high-power microwave transmitters. All applicants will be considered and there may be several teams working independently on distinctive designs to be field-tested and evaluated.

At the McLaine Institute, we realize that there are numerous separate ways to disrupt or short out these moving charges or hold them back with magnetic Fields. We have outlined a few ways in these videos.

When we have a few volunteers, we will hold a Video Conference to review some of our other Ideas and are anxious to see what Ideas, you may have. After our conference, we will select the first project to start design.

The McLaine Institute will provide the general design concepts and specifications for measuring equipment and experiments to Stop, Move and Kill Dust Devils.

The McLaine Institute will assign an Electrical Engineer, a Mechanical Engineer, and in some cases a Physicists to work together. The group will be responsible to use the general specification and design the equipment that will meet the specification. They will build and evaluate the equipment. Some of them may also volunteer to follow the storm wranglers to be available to fix or modify the equipment in the field. The McLaine Institute will provide the funding to purchase the equipment and based upon the number of funds raised, may also provide some salaries to the Engineering Team.


  • Have a bachelor’s degree and 5 years’ experience in Designing Electronic Equipment. 

  • Electronic Engineers working on College Research projects or advanced degrees will also be considered.

  • Engineering undergraduates with some technical experience will be considered to assist the engineers or the Program Manager.

  • Experience in High Power Lasers or Microwave Transmitters would also be helpful. Experience with High Voltage and High current applications would also be helpful.

  • Must be willing to volunteer at least 8 hours per week to design, build and evaluate the equipment.

Sobre la empresa

We are a non-profit research organization powered by our founder’s funds and public donations. We plan to create several experiments to evaluate on dust devils; to measure the charges moving in the dust devils and to create videos to show how we can stop, move, and kill them with electric charges and magnetic fields. Once we complete those tasks, then it is just a matter of scale to scale up the equipment to be able to control Tornadoes. By year 3, we will be ready to attack Hurricanes at Sea and show we can Stop, Move and Kill Hurricanes.

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